1967 pontiac lemans engine options

Refine your search. Automatic Gasoline Classic Cars 52 Rat Rod 1. Custom S 3 Hardtop 2. Refine search. The body and frame are near rust free and in great shape.

The motor is the high output cubic inch V8 from a GTO with great compression and is paired with a Muncie 4 speed manual transmission. I have owned this vehicle for 21 years. The person i purchased it from had it for 12 years. Car has been in storage during winter. Has a high preformance cui, buckets with counsel. A 3-speed automatic transmission pushes this steel sleigh through the gears, and a steep rear get gets it up and moving quick, without sacrificing too much highway drivability.

Bucket Seats, nice clean car. Engine: Pontiac big block that has been magnufluxed, align-bored, and bored. Google Ads. Whoa, check this pontiac out! The paint is in extraordinary shape and has never been in the rain or washed, just dusted then wiped down with a microfiber towel and spray detailer. The restoration was done right and the pictures just don't quite do it justice compared to seeing it in person.

1967 Pontiac Tempest LeMans Technical Specifications and Dimensions

The convertible roof, lights, rubber, chrome, and trim were all new old stock or in like new condition when installed. Panel placement and fit appears more consistent than when it would have left the general motors assembly line.

The interior on the car was done and kept very close to stock with the exception of a few things such as the sound system, who wants a car like this with a 60's stereo in it anyways?! Gauges are also aftermarket as well as the center console but all tastefully done and in near new condition. The car is powered by a late model gm v8 paired to a t transmission for ample and reliable power.

Extensive use of chrome and alluminum with the highest quality workmanship was used when finishing the engine bay. Is completely smooth and flat leaving a clean detailed engine bay.Varying slight changes occurred from the previous year on the all new Pontiac Tempest. This included a face-lift to the rear panels and grille which on base models had vertically arranged molded plastic grille bars in groups of four. Standard options included GM safety features, armrests, heater and defroster, cigar lighters, vinyl floor mats and a standard type steering wheel.

Bucket seats were available in the LeMans convertible, hardtop and sports coupe in either blue, turquoise, gold, black, parchment or red. The Sprint package was an option along with a hp V8, or hp V8.

The Sprint option was available on all LeMans, Tempest Customs, and Tempests except for station wagons and came with a hp Overhead Cam Six with a 4 bbl Quadrajet carburetor, heavy-duty front shocks, springs and stabelizer bar, all synchro floor mounted stick shift, a special 3. V8 - Stamped on right front side of block or beneath production engine number on machined pad on right hand bank of engine block. Turbo Hydra-Matic On metal tag fastened to right side of transmission case or on the left side of converter housing.

Powerglide Stamped on a metal tag located on the right side of the transmission. Super Turbine TempesTorque On metal tag fastened to right side of transmission case or stamped on lower servo cover. Jetway On metal tag fastened to right side of transmission case or stamped on lower servo cover. DuPont S flattening compound to a pint of unreduced color. The second letter identifies the roof color.

1967 pontiac lemans engine options

General Motors paint code plate for all models except Corvair and Corvette is located under the hood at the top of the firewall on the left or right of the upper shroud. Corvair paint code plate is on the left cross-rail in the engine compartment.

Pontiac LeMans

Corvette paint code plate is on the instrument panel brace, below the glove compartment. First Symbol - Manufacturer. On metal tag fastened to right side of transmission case or on the left side of converter housing.For information on the GTO follow this link. Over the years the Pontiac GTO has cemented itself in history as a one of the most iconic muscle cars of the s, and paricularly so with the model. The GTO was produced in three body variations, these being the hardtop, convertible and sports coupe, all of which are based on essentially the same body shell as the Pontiac Tempest of the same year, however, the GTO was considered a distinct model on its own.

Pontiac GTO

We hope this guide is of assistance, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional information or photographs you believe would be worth adding, including any corrections to the information we have provided. Please note, this guide has been written based on a variety of online sources and enthusiast input. You should not rely on this guide to make any purchasing decision and we make no representation that all information is accurate.

You should always seek independent professional advice when looking to purchase a unique car. If you have additional information, photographs or corrections you believe need to be made to this page, please contact us by clicking the button at the top of this page, or comment below. All GTO's came with vinyl interior fabric. Note, the carpet colour was usually matched according to the seat trim colour, unless specified otherwise by the purchaser.

A sample of each of the paint colours has been given in the attached images. The data plate is located at the top of the front left firewall just behind the brake booster. See images for a better description.

The paint code will consist of two letters. See the attached image for the precise location of the paint code on the data plate. The Pontiac GTO had several colour options for the vinyl hard top, and convertivle top. The original colour of the top is confirmed on the vehicle's data plate, which is located on the front left of the firewall, behind the brake booster see images for a better description.

Some examples of the colours are provided in the images. Note, Turquoise and Blue convertible tops are presumably rare, as we were not able to find any examples for the images.

If you have an example, or have more information about these, please contact us so we can update this section of the guide. A Pontiac GTO has a Chassis number with the following prefix see chart in the images confirming the same for the data card and chassis number :.

The various codes labelled in the attached data plate images are outlined below. The only way to confirm that the engine is in fact original, however, is if you had original factory paperwork confirming the engine block VIN, which bears no relation to the chassis number on the GTO. The engine code confrms the engine's specifications in terms of power, transmission, and carburetter system.

This is a 2 letter code, located on the front of the engine bloc, below the right side cylinder head. See the associated images for a better description of the location.

The attached table confirms the various codes available on the GTO, and the associated power, transmission and carby. The Date codes consist of 4 characters, the First character is the month, the next two digits are the day of the month and the last digit is the year. For a 67 model, the last digit should obviously be " 7 ". The date code is found at the back of the engine block just below cylinder 8, as shown in the images.

The following characters represent the month codes:. See the attached image for a better description of the location.A direct bolt in, to ci, Pontiac including the Pontiac Tempest.

If you are asking if a small block chevy V8 flywheel most common engine in a Camaro will work on a Pontiac V8 most common engine in a lemansthe answer is no. Mrs Smith has nine children half of them are girls. Have you ever crashed a wedding or had your wedding crashed, if so what happened? Is best defined as the total weight of persons gear equipment stores fuel and motor assembly found on a vessel?

1967 Pontiac LeMans

What are the characteristics of the various materials that are used with regard to the bending operations and why do some materials require to the addition of heat to aid the bending process? All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Pontiac Le Mans. Top Answer. Wiki User Related Questions. Why would the engine miss on acceleration on a 91 Pontiac lemans?

What engine can you swap into a Pontiac Catalina? Will a 67 Camaro flywheel work on a 67 lemans? Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the Pontiac tempest automatic ? What are the basic mechanics of a V8 engine for a Tempest Pontiac? It is an 8 cylinder internal combustion engine.

Trending Questions. Hottest Questions.The Pontiac GTO is an automobile that was manufactured by American automobile manufacturer Pontiac from the to model years, and by GM's subsidiary Holden in Australia from the to model years. The first generation of the GTO was the first muscle car produced in the s and the s. It became an optional package again for the and intermediate LeMans.

Forthe GTO optional package was offered on the compact-sized Ventura. In earlyGeneral Motors' management banned divisions from involvement in auto racing. This followed the voluntary ban on automobile racing that was instituted by the Automobile Manufacturers Association. With GM's ban on factory-sponsored racing, Pontiac's managers began to emphasize street performance. By promoting the big-engine option as a special high-performance model, they could appeal to the speed-minded youth market which had also been recognized by Ford Motor Company 's Lee Iacoccawho was at that time preparing the sporty Ford Mustang variant of the second generation Ford Falcon compact.

But the development team discovered a loophole in the policy which does not restrict large engines to be offered as an option. It is an Italian abbreviation for Gran Turismo Omologato "grand tourer homologated "which means officially certified for racing in the grand tourer class.

Internally, it was initially called the "Grand Tempest Option", one of many automobiles in the Pontiac line up with a 'Grand' in it. Despite this, the GTO is one of the fastest cars ever manufactured by Pontiac. A tachometer was optional, and was placed in the far right dial on the dash. Most contemporary road tests by the automotive press such as Car Life criticized the slow steering, particularly without power steeringand inadequate drum brakes, which were identical to those of the normal Tempest.

Car and Driver incited controversy when it mentioned that a GTO, which had supposedly been tuned with the "Bobcat" kit offered by Ace Wilson's Royal Pontiac of Royal Oak, Michiganwas clocked at a quarter mile time of Since the two engines were difficult to distinguish externally, the subterfuge was not immediately obvious.

1967 PONTIAC LEMANS Auto Parts

Since the car was damaged during the testing, and Wangers did not want anyone looking under the hood, he used the blue road course GTO to flat tow the red GTO 1, miles back to Detroit. Frank Bridge's initial sales forecast proved inaccurate: the GTO package's total sales amounted to 32, units.

The components and instructions could be purchased by mail, as well as installed by the dealer. A majority of the GTO's made available for media testing were equipped with a Bobcat kit. Milt Schornack joined Royal Pontiac and helped improve the performance enhancement package. Adhesive "Royal Bobcats" stickers were also included. The Tempest model line up, including the GTO, was restyled for the model year, adding 3.

It had Pontiac's characteristic vertically stacked quad headlights. Heavy-duty shocks were standard, as was a stronger front antisway bar. An additional option was a breakerless transistor ignition. The cubic inches engines received revised cylinder heads with re-cored intake passages and high rise intake manifolds, improving airflow to the engine.

Transmission and axle ratio choices remained the same. The three-speed manual was standard, while two four-speed manual transmissions wide or close ratio and a two-speed automatic transmission were optional. The restyled car had a new simulated hood scoop. A seldom seen dealer-installed option consisted of a metal underhood pan and gaskets to open the scoop, making it a cold air intake. The scoop was low enough that its effectiveness was questionable it was unlikely to pick up anything but boundary layer airbut it allowed an enhanced engine sound.

Another exterior change was the black "egg-crate" grille. Car Life tested a GTO with Tri-Power and what they considered the most desirable options close-ratio four-speed manual transmission, power steering, metallic brakes, rally wheels, 4. Major criticisms of the GTO continued to center on its slow steering ratio of Car Life was satisfied with the metallic brakes on its GTO, but Motor Trend and Road Test found the four-wheel drum brakes with organic linings to be alarmingly inadequate in high-speed driving.At that time it would have been unlikely that anyone would have thought the Pontiac marquee name would eventually fade into history.

The Pontiac automobile which was created by General Motors in as part of their Oakland automobile division, would cease to exist by the end ofa victim of the financial crises of and the bankruptcy of General Motors. The Pontiac GTO like the one featured in this article came out with a cubic inch V-8 delivering horsepower.

There were very few first generation automobiles that experienced the acceptance the GTO attained. The car still remains one of the most popular muscle cars of all time and some say the introduction of the GTO was also the start of the muscle car era. What this phrase denotes is that the car is eligible to be entered in races like the LeMans and stock car races. This translation leaves little doubt that the Pontiac GTO was created with racing in mind. Believe it or not but General Motors had an edict which barred their automotive divisions from being involved in auto racing.

The reason the edict from GM was issued goes back to a tragedy at the 24 hours of LaMans race in when an out of control car exploded and ran into the crowd killing eighty-three spectators. At the same time GM was unofficially involved in auto racing.

1967 pontiac lemans engine options

The GTO was built in three different models. There was the 2 door coupe, the two door hardtop and the 2 door convertible. The models had a new grille design and a tunneled rear window. The biggest change in the models were mechanical.

On the body there was a side trim change, new tail lights and a chrome wire mesh on the grille. The Ram Air I was the most advanced cubic inch engine Pontiac had at the time and pushed the horsepower up to The Ram Air II came out in as a cubic inch powerhouse that delivered horsepower. The Ram Air engine could achieve zero to sixty in 5.

This option came with a horsepower, V-8 with a stiffer suspension and a Hurst-shifted three-speed manual transmission.

Another option offered was a four speed manual transmission with a horsepower engine. As mentioned above, the Pontiac GTO came standard with a cubic inch V-8 delivering horsepower with options available for more horsepower with the first Ram Jet Engine. In addition to an automatic transmissionbuyers could choose either a three or four speed manual. Listed below are additional AutoMuseumOnline photo articles you may enjoy…. Pontiac GTO. GTO rear window design.

1967 pontiac lemans engine options

Pontiac GTO Logo.Originally a trim upgrade based on the Tempestit spawned the industry changing signature muscle car, the GTOin Manufactured in five generations in the s and '70s, it was replaced by the downsized Pontiac Bonneville for the model year.

From to the name was resurrected for a badge-engineered version of the Daewoo LeMans manufactured by Daewoo in South Korea. The LeMans was introduced as the top-of-the-line version of the compact-sized Pontiac Tempest toward the end of the model year on GM's new Y body platform. The Tempest LeMans was a trim package featuring sportier and more luxurious trim than the Tempest, including different badging and bucket seats.

The trim option was available only on the two-door sedan pillared coupe body style. For the model year, the LeMans was still a trim package, but now also available in the convertible body style, as well as with the I4 4-bbl carbureted engine. There was also no pillarless hardtop body style available in either the Tempest and LeMans versions. Forthe LeMans name was still used only on two-door coupes and convertibles, but now was designated as a separate model in the Pontiac compact car lineup.

1967 pontiac lemans engine options

This would last for just one year. The Tempest line was changed to an intermediate-sized car on the new GM A platform in The LeMans was its own separate model like it was in which included carpeted lower door panels, deluxe steering wheels, courtesy lighting, and full wheel covers.

Fora two-door hardtop was added. Shortly after the start of the model year, the LeMans became available with a new performance package designated as the GTOor 'Gran Turismo Omologato'. With the Introduction of the Tempest inPontiac achieved the number three in sales [ clarification needed ] and something it would hold onto through the decade of the Sixties. The success and the aggressive image of the GTO also spilled over and helped increase the image and sales of the entire Pontiac line.

The pillared 4-door sedan was replaced by a four-door hardtop body style for the model year. The GTO became a separate model of its own forthough retaining the same basic body as the Tempest and LeMans models. Forall Pontiac intermediates got new styling featuring tunnelback rooflines on two-door hardtop and pillared coupes. This engine, as well as the early Tempest with the transaxle in the rear, were ideas of Pontiac's Chief Engineer John DeLorean who became Pontiac's general manager at the end of the model year.

Optional on all Tempest and LeMans models except station wagons was a Sprint package that included a four-barrel version of the I6 that also included higher compression ratio and hotter cam, resulting in horsepower, along with an "all-syncro" floor-mounted three-speed transmission with Hurst shifter, suspension kit, and body striping.

The four-door Safari station wagon became available for the model year in the Tempest line. A new engine replaced the This new engine was based on all existing Pontiac engine architecture and using the, and engines crank at 3. It was marketed by Pontiac as ajust like the original was called rather that its true size of ForPontiac reshuffled its intermediate lineup with the Le Mans nameplate downgraded to the mid-line sub-series previously known as the Tempest Custom and included two- and four-door pillared sedans, while the previous top Le Mans series was renamed the Le Mans Sport in the same three body styles including a four-door hardtop sedantwo-door hardtop coupe and convertible.

At mid-year the bottom Tempest line, which initially included only two- and four-door sedans, added the T hardtop coupe which was initially described as "General Motors' lowest-priced hardtop undercut by a base Chevrolet Chevelle hardtop coupe introduced a few weeks later.

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